Connemara Marble Night light




This Connemara Marble Night light, is packed in a black presentation box and is accompanied with a booklet containing care instructions and some information on the stone and where it was made.
(Sold individually)

Due to the colour variation in Connemara marble the item in stock can be very different to the item shown.
If you see a Connemara marble item in the colour you like on our website ask us if the item you are ordering is in that or near that colour, otherwise we will send you the nearest to the image colour or best available.

Do not leave a burning candle unattended. The marble holder may heat up when in use due to many factors eg, a long burn(3+hrs) tealight wax or a long wick could make the candle burn hotter.
As a precautionary measure check the tealight holder at one hour intervals at first use and especially when fitting a new candle to prevent injury or scorching.during our own tests we found no excessive heat build up when used with the supplied candle.

Additional information

Weight .191 kg
Dimensions 5.8 x .3 cm

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